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There was a beautiful moment in the first Chloe show when you know when to gather the audience directly. There we were, sitting next to Sean, watching the girls walk in the sunshine with the Quai de la Tournelle. The other audience of Paris passers-by was Pierre Le Pont on the right .And just as the finale began a loaded riverboat sailed past, full of spectators from the accidental fashion show, cheering on the deck.

Somehow, it all felt like a very Gabriella Horst moment, because the tradition of sharing and openness is on it. "As pleasant as it sounds, this collection is about love," he said in a preview. "It's really about the love of a lot of things: the love of the craft, the love of friendship, the love of fellow human beings. I literally have to memorize a lot of different NGOs, because working with.

From the 31 pictures of the show, you get the free flow of what you are doing with Harvest Chloe, forcibly boho soul. With her summer holiday shrouds, ponchos, lace dresses and boys' pants suits breaking, the collection is in the tradition of identifying a completely independent-inspired Chloe Girl brand that goes hand in hand with the succession of female designers .Moved from Stella McCartney and Phoebe Fellows.

What is very different with Hearst is that, first of all, the number of views on the show is low: sometimes more than 50. , And environmental and social responsibility for a major Paris fashion brand .All the information is documented on a Chloe press release and its website: Progress towards what all fashion houses should look like internally in this time of seasonal emergency. On the points - when you consider how many women's organizations and communities around the world are benefiting by buying strategies - it seems almost possible that this work would change the whole purpose of a luxury brand's existence.

One step in that direction is that the most special level of luxury is now being launched as the Chloe Craft Group with a spiral logo that Harst pointed out that only a human hand can cut these pieces. Can make In the spring collection, these handicraft skills were demonstrated in pieces such as petal-patterned crusted dresses and intricately woven fabric strips that survived the pre-season techniques created by Akanjo, a social enterprise organization in Madagascar .Streamer harnesses Chunky Seychelles and McMurray necklaces, as well as baskets labeled with the name of the person who made them, also tolerate spiral branding.

Moving the needle toward less environmental damage comes primarily from Hearst's credible insistence on fabric switching. For example, this collection includes more linen and less cotton. It is used to give chic pieces a chic effect, including a generous, horst signature trench coat with cool heels and shiny leather edges. And, more surprisingly, a great indigo blue pantsuit that at first glance looked like denim, but was in fact a pretty soft, supple linen.

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