PROENZA SCHOULER DRESSING has given women a new look

Fashion brands are fighting a whole battle for attention, dropping every minute a new collaboration, activation and website-destroying blue puffer jacket. But what about style .Putting aside the casting of model Ella Amov who made headlines last season Provenza Shoulder designers Jack McColl and Lazaro Hernandez are not interested in chasing clicks and hype .We are talking to an adult, thoughtful woman who is interested in fashion but not her slave. "We're not interested in making fashion that looks seasonal. It's out of fashion.

 So it's about making and building a wardrobe over time. It's at the forefront .Functionality is a great American fashion value that goes back to before the Holston-Versace fight, and now more than ever, it seems like it's time to repeat it .With their latest collections, McColl and Hernandez are leading the charge with bold coats, leather wardrobe pieces and modern nuts .Capturing the post-epidemic mood, this collection has a homely comfortable foot and another in city power dressing.

Exhibition A: A sexy black technical viscose jacquard sweater dress, made at the waist, wearing long black leather shorts and leggings. It's a great look, and slipped off some shorts and slipped on some heels and you're ready for dinner .During epidemics, designers learned that it was time to throw away old-fashioned principles (another American fashion value, so to speak). So the resort collection they are offering in October is a winter collection, full of coats as the air cools, including a pleasant salt and pepper Mongolian sheepskin coat. A cool camel military style with oversized pockets and a wide collar, and a black bouquet woolen coat with leather lapels that can be buttoned inside or out to suit one's mood.

Extending the boundaries of knitwear, a long black buckle sweater dress with a separate white wavy silk scarf tied to the shoulder with gold buttons, as well as a black nut waistband with a horn there was a safety pin .And pants. A fashion riff on a casual sweater tied to the waist idea, focusing on it is a style truck .The shoulder pads and interior construction were removed, the suit also had a soft, stretchy appeal, including a thin chocolate brown blazer with a single button high neckline and a cardigan over wide collar pants.

Last spring, designers began working in jerseys for commercially impressive results, so they returned to it, offering several dresses with beautiful plating, twistback and filter sleeve details that gave the brand a different body. Work to make the types feel more comprehensive .A hand-dyed black and white palm pattern, working in an uncomfortable white viscose bubble dress, speaks of their radiance in the unconventional floral lace patch, Arts n Crafts ۔ A few more hot weather options for real resort customers.

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