Control your home appliances without interruption.

What if you could have multiple appliances in your home, a simple way to centrally control the ambient temperature and enable preset views based on selected preferences, all in one? Were through the tap? This is exactly what NSPanel does for you: from lights, coolers, heaters to electric windows and curtains, the new world of home automation will enhance your smart home life.

With the three-distance limit feature, NSPanel keeps your connected devices under easy control no matter where you are. Use a dual-channel switch or touch screen in close range, turn on voice control without coming close to the panel, or use the app to control all your devices and monitor your smart home, even if you're miles away.

NSPanel uses an HMI panel design that primarily operates a variety of home appliances, allowing you to control them extremely easily! With NSPanel, your preferences for lighting on this HMI panel are customizable, whether it's brightness, dim, RGB or color temperature.

Wanting a specific setting to maintain room temperature and brightness when you're working, sleeping, or just watching a movie means that you can only go from movie viewing to sleeping mode .You can switch to tap to quickly activate all your preferences for the view.

Imagine that sometimes when you come home you just want to turn on one of the lights in the room and quietly enjoy your time, but sometimes you want to turn on all the lights in the living room So that family or friends can be welcomed. NSPanel allows you to control the same type of smart home devices individually or in groups according to your specific preferences. You can easily change these settings to your liking, giving you complete freedom to enjoy your smart home in your own way.

Equipped with a built-in powerful thermostat and environmental sensor, the NS panel raises the ambient temperature and lets you trigger your heating or cooling appliances so that they automatically keep the room temperature stable and adjust the desired temperature. ۔ In other words, you can say goodbye to hot or cold temperature peaks at your location.

Manual thermostat mode allows you to adjust the temperature at any time to suit you and keep it uniform and stable, while its automatic thermostat mode gives you other options. You can set different indoor temperatures at different times of the day, and NSPanel automatically triggers heating or cooling appliances to keep your home's indoor temperature in a specific location according to your schedule and setting.

Interestingly, the SONOFF NSPanel Smart Sen Wall Switch allows you to set your timing preferences on electronic devices on a dual channel switch, turning your devices into smart ones with automatic time control. For example, the lights in your home may automatically turn off at 12 midnight. You don't have to do it yourself. NS Panel Smart Sen Wall Switch keeps your devices on standby at any time! It helps automate your regular home appliances with simple voice controls, Alexa, Alice, Google Assistant and even Siri shortcuts, making your home a smarter and more comfortable one. 

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