Cat litter problem outside the litter box

An unpleasant "surprise" on the floor is an indispensable fact for any cat owner. Unfortunately, cats don't always get in the trash. Even if your cat behaves well, it can sometimes choose a different place in the house, especially if it is suddenly frightened or stuck in a room. If the problem persists, or if your cat does not use the litter box, it could be a sign of a serious medical condition. At least 10% of cats develop urinary incontinence problems in their lifetime. Pay close attention to the hints to get rid of any nasty problem as soon as possible for both you and the cat of your choice.

How to Help Your Cat Use the Litter Box Properly

Contrary to what you may think, your cat is not trying to annoy you by throwing dirt out of its litter box. Punishing him for this act will only frighten him and increase the problem. Instead, you should find out why she is doing this and fix it. First, make sure you dig and change her letterbox every day. Wash the box once a week with baking soda or unscented soap. Include bins in different areas of the house, make sure to keep them in a quiet but accessible place .They should not be placed in areas that are too far away or too trafficked. Remove hoods and liners from the trash. Keep cups and beds away from her litter box.

If you have questions about your cat's urinary health, talk to your veterinarian. She can help you decide if it is appropriate to use cat food for urinary health to help your cat with urinary problems. It can also help you better understand other environmental factors that may contribute to your cat's urinary problems.

Have your cat examined by a vet.

Cats that do not respond to litter box management should have their veterinarian check up.

"Your veterinarian will evaluate your cat with possible blood work, X-rays and possible ultrasound of the abdomen to determine the underlying cause of inappropriate bowel movements," said Dr. Birch. "Depending on the results, your veterinarian will develop a treatment plan."

While your cat getting out of his crate is not an ideal situation, it is one that can be resolved with a little patience and the right treatment (if necessary).

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